How to browse entries

After collecting entries from your users, it is time to look into the results, filter them, analyze them, or export them.

Browsing the entries#

When going to your survey in wp-admin, you can browse the entries under the Browse tab. On the left column, you will have the list of entries, clicking them will show more details.

Use the → (right arrow) and ← (left arrow) on your keyboard to navigate between entries

In addition to the answer the user entered, TotalSurvey collects few other data from the users including:

Entries data#

  • User-agent (browser details)
  • User IP address
  • User answers

Filtering entries#

You can filter entries by the date of submitting the entry by using the filter icon and selecting 2 different dates. Filtering by dates is inclusive, meaning the entries submitted on the day on the dates you enter will be included.