How to integrate the survey

When your survey settings are ready and you are good to go, you will need to integrate it into your site.


Currently, TotalSurvey supports 3 integration methods:


Shortcodes are a well-known WordPress feature and the majority of WordPress plugins supports it and TotalSurvey does too, you can easily integrate the survey by following these steps:

  1. Copy the shortcode
  2. Go to a page or a post where you’re willing to add the survey
  3. Past the shortcode
  4. Save changes
  5. Navigate to the page

A direct link to the survey, this is useful when you want to collect entries without integrating inside a page, quick and simple.


Most developers are familiar with REST APIs and dealing with them regularly. TotalSurvey offers a RESTful API to let developers create custom integrations with their systems and it covers:

  • Get the survey
  • Submit an entry
  • Get the survey entries

For more information, please visit the codex section.


WordPress is built on PHP and so its themes and plugins. TotalSurvey offers a simple yet convenient PHP API, essentially for theme developers and custom integrations. With the PHP API you can:

  • Display the survey