About Us

The Problem

We build robust, clean, and powerful solutions to help website owners collect users' feedbacks and opinions in different ways, that can be polls, contests, rating widgets, surveys… etc.

We noticed that a lot of WordPress plugins are not built for humans. They are either created to be one size fits all which makes them so bloated and hard to use or built in a very weak way that doesn’t fulfill the user needs and mostly created by developers with no enough understanding of the field.

Our Solution

This is when we decided to step in and introduce our suite of plugins and add-ons that can enable you to collect the exact data you need smoothly, analyze them, give feedback to the users or follow up with them and export the data you have collected in different formats.

We are engineering our solutions with the help of researchers and data collectors who know all the details on how to run a successful feedback collection solution.

The Team

Our team is made out of enthusiastic, creative, and innovative mindsets, we are from different cultures and countries including Algeria, U.S., Ukraine, Iraq, Pakistan, and Morocco.

The Company

TotalSuite is a trademark of MisqTech FZE which is located and registered in Ras Al Khaimah, the United Arab Emirates under the regulations of Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone.