Vote frequency

Thanks to TotalContest multi-layered techniques, you can set how frequently your users can vote on contest submissions.

Vote frequency
Vote frequency settings.

1. Cookies#

Cookies are piece of data that is stored into the user browser, once he vote, TotalContest will store a cookie into the voter browser to be recognized next time he tries to vote.

Cookies aren't persistent and therefore, users can bypass this method by clearing browser data. We highly recommend enabling other voting frequency options if you're willing to run a credible contest.

2. IP#

Every computer connected to the internet has an IP address, TotalContest makes use of this to identify if the user with a specific IP address have voted before or not.

Although IP limitation is persistent unlike cookies, users can change their IP by using a VPN, but it is highly recommended to keep it active.

3. Authenticated user#

If the user is logged in and votes, he will not be able to re-vote as TotalContest can easily recognize him. So far, this method can be the most powerful method to have credible votes.

4. Votes per user#

You may specify how many times the user can vote based on each of the 3 methods mentioned above.

5. Votes per submission#

You may specify how many times the user can vote for the same submission based on each of the 3 methods mentioned above.

6. Vote timeout#

If you want users to be able to vote again after a period of time, you may set the timeout to the number of seconds you want. If you don't want to have any timeout and keep the user blocked from voting, you can set it to 0.

Example: If Votes per user is 3 and timeout is 3600, each user will be able to vote 3 times every hour
It is highly recommended to have a timeout, even if it is quite high number like 2628000 (month in seconds). This is because TotalContest will sometimes store who voted into the database and using a timeout will be very helpful to purge that from your database after a while.