Contest publishing in TotalContest

TotalContest provides 6 different methods to integrate contests almost anywhere, from simple like shortcode to very advanced integration such REST API.


Like any other WordPress plugin, TotalContest allows you to integrate your contest almost everywhere in your website using shortcode feature.

Shortcode integration
Shortcode integration.


Widgets are used in sidebars and sometimes as building blocks in page builders and that's why TotalContest provides multiple widgets for seamless contest integration.

Widget integration
Widget integration.

Your visitors will be able to access the contest through a direct link, the simplest method available out there.

Direct link (permalink) integration
Direct link (permalink) integration.


This method allows you to embed a contest in another website using an iframe. Useful for some use cases.

Embed integration
Embed integration.


Another method that provides links of contest pages to use inside your email template.

Direct links for email integration
Direct links for email integration.


Built essentially for developers, TotalContest could be integrated easily in a mobile application, single page application and much more.

REST API integration
REST API integration.