Creating your first contest

Making contests in WordPress using TotalContest has never been that easy thanks to its intuitive interface. In this article we'll cover how to create a simple contest using TotalContest.

Create New Contest#

First head to your WordPress dashboard then click on Contests > Create Contest from TotalContest menu.

Create contest from TotalContest menu
Create contest from TotalContest menu.

Contest Title#

Like every post in WordPress, your contest must have a title that will be used in contests listing and page title. If you're integrating your contest using shortcode, the title won't be visible.

Contest fields#

After setting the title, It's time to add fields to the contest. The fields here are referring to the inputs the contestants need to fill in order to create a submission to your contest.

Contest fields
Contest fields.

You may add fields by clicking one of the field types available. Let's start by adding a text field.

Text field
Text field.

And voila, your contest is ready to publish!

Publish contest
Publish contest.

Wrapping up#

In this article, we've covered the most basic functionality of TotalContest. In the upcoming articles, we'll cover more features in depth such field types, voting, settings, custom fields and much more.