Essential settings overview

TotalContest provides a solid set of settings to control almost every aspect of your contests starting from submission rules to vote frequency and much more. In this article, we'll take an global overview settings sections followed by dedicated articles for each section that dives into details.

Contest & Submission settings#

TotalContest contest & submission settings
TotalContest contest & submission settings.

Submissions: This section allows you to control settings related to submissions received through contest form.

Limitations: This part gives you control over submission eligibility.

Frequency: This part provides some controllers of how many submissions could be submitted during a specific timespan and by the same user.

Vote limitations & frequency#

To keep your contest credible, multiple vote limitations and frequency controllers were put in place so you can control who can vote, when and how many times. There two main parts of this section:

Contest vote settings
Contest vote settings.

Type: A section to control the type of vote, whether simple counter or a scale.

Limitations: This part gives you control over global constraints of vote eligibility.

Frequency: This part provides some controllers of how many votes could be casted during a specific timespan.


Because sometimes you need to put some custom content before or after contest, TotalContest provides an interface to insert it without touching a line of code. There are four parts in this section:

Content settings
Content settings.

Home: This part controls the content of contest's landing page

Thank you: This part controls the content that appears after submitting an entry or after voting for a submission.

Other: This part controls the content of other custom pages (such as prizes page).

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)#

Optimizing your contest and submissions for search engines is important to maximize your traffic, this section gives you control over your poll title and description meta tag. Usually, this is handled by other SEO plugins such Yoast and All-in-one SEO.

SEO Settings
Contest and submission SEO settings.


In this section, you could configure notifications and delivery channels to keep you updated. It consists of three parts which are delivery channels:

Notifications settings
Notifications settings.

Email: You can put your email to get a notification once a new submission is submitted.

Push: You can configure your OneSignal application to give you instant push notification when a new submission is submitted.

WebHook: Developers can setup a WebHook that will be fired once a submission is submitted.