Introduction to contest editor

Everytime you create or edit a contest, you're actually interacting with an interface called contest editor. This interface was designed to make your experience enjoyable and time wise.

Contest Editor Components#

Contest editor is made of 5 main tabs:

  1. Fields.
  2. Settings.
  3. Design.
  4. Integration.
TotalContest contest editor tabs
TotalContest contest editor tabs.


This section is where you insert fields of submission form, you can insert as many fields as you want with different types.

Fields tab
Fields tab where you can insert different fields.


In this tab you'll find the main settings of your contest like limitations, vote frequency, results sorting and much more.

Settings tab
Settings tab where you can control contest and submission parameters.


Contest and submission appearance is controlled through this tab.

Design tab
Design tab for controlling contest and submission appearance.


From this tab, you'll be able to integrate your contest using available methods like shortcode, widget and more.

Integration tab
Integration tab for seamless integration of contest through shortcode, widget and more.