Entries structure & management

You can visit, manage and export all the submitted entries easily using TotalForm.

Entries structure#

View Submitted Entries#

To view the submitted entries,

  • Go to TotalForm (sidebar) → Forms → Select a form Select "Entries" from the menu (navbar)


Search for an entry#

To look for a specific entry :

go to your entries page click on the "Filter" button enter an entry's name or select a specific range of dates by entring a start and an end date click on the "Apply" button


Bulk actions on entries#

Export entries#

To export your entries : go to your entries tab Select All of your entries by checking the "All" checkbox or select few entries by checking them one by one Select "Export Selection" or "Export Entries" from the navbar menu Choose CSV or Excel Format and wait for few seconds. Your file should start downloading automatically by then!