Form styling

TotalFrom is designed to look great and coding experience is not necessary with our easy-to-use visual styler.

Access my form's design options#

Go to your Forms list → Select your form → Select "Design" from the menu (Topbar) and start styling!

Change my form's font#

Go to your design tab → Enter a font name in the "Font" input option and save your changes! The font should instantly change.

Change my form's theme color#

Go to your form's design tab → Select a pre-defined color or add your own by clicking on the "+" button and entring your color's hexadecimal code and hit the "Save" button! Your form's theme color chouls instantly change.

Add custom CSS to my form#

If you want to create your desired design and look and our design options are not enough, you can add custom CSS and get it done!

Go to your form's design tab scroll down to the "Custom CSS" option, write down your code and hit the "Save" button.