Getting Started


As a WordPress developer, you may want to extend TotalPoll's functionality or create a custom template to achieve a certain aspect or look. This codex help you learn the essentials of TotalPoll APIs and have a good grasp of different concepts.

After reading this documentation you should be able to:

  1. Understand the inner workings of TotalPoll.
  2. Develop an extension for TotalPoll.
  3. Create a custom template for TotalPoll.
  4. Extend a core functionality of TotalPoll.


Before proceeding with this documentation, you should have a good understanding of WordPress APIs and good experience with HTML, CSS, JS, SQL and PHP.

The purpose#

The goal of this codex is to give you a solid foundation of TotalPoll development and a reference for its APIs, as well as useful tips and samples to get started and improve your development experience overall.

What's next#

In the upcoming articles, we'll discover the architecture of TotalPoll, its components and how the request is processed and much more.


Note: This article is being improved based on developers feedback.