How to create a survey

In this article, you’ll learn how to create a survey for your WordPress-powered website using TotalSurvey.


This glossary helps you grasp the creation process of a survey and reduce the ambiguity.

Keyword Meaning
Survey A survey is a set of sections that collect data from users in the form of entries
Section A section is a group of questions
Question Question is an input that accepts an answer in a specific format
Skip logic A Skip logic Is a way to link between sections based on users input
Entry A set of answers to predefined questions with metadata


From the bottom navigation panel, navigate to surveys:

Then choose a preset, or start a blank survey:

A new survey is created. Now it is time to add a few details.

Managing sections#

Give your title a name and a description (optional)

Adding questions#

TotalSurvey supports a few types of questions. You can ask your users a question with multiple answers or free-style answers, the differences between the questions and their settings are going to be covered in another article but the most basic question is the text question. In this case, let’s add this question by clicking the “Text” icon

Give the question the title and description (optional)

Saving the survey#

Once you finish editing your survey, click the save button, and make sure it is enabled.