[TotalPoll] Download all entries together

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[TotalPoll] Download all entries together

Hi there.
Currently, you have to view and download all poll entries individually. It would be really helpful if you could view them all together and download all entries in one file.
Also, a great feature would be the option to name the polls with an internal name that isn't publically viewable. Currently, the name you give a poll displays in the poll, so if you give polls the same name, it becomes confusing when you are trying to sort them from the admin side. For example, I would like to give several polls a title of "Readers' Poll," but it's difficult to seperate them when they are listed with the same name - I'd prefer to name the poll with a name that isn't visible and add a title to each poll that is viewable.
Also, a great feature would be an option to save default settings. I like to add a string of text to the bottom of each poll and add my own colours, but I have to manually change this every time I create a new poll. If I could save my brand colors and default settings to reuse for every poll, it would be much easier.

Paul Roughsedge shared this idea

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