We believe that TotalSuite community is the most powerful aspect of TotalSuite, we look forward to keep TotalSuite products powerful and international. Therefore, we need the community help to do that.

We look forward to having your translations in our products. In return, we will share some items from our store with you for free 🙂

How to translate a plugin?

You can easily translate a plugin into other languages by following the instructions:

  1. Download and install Poedit
  2. Open Poedit. Go to File > New from POT/PO file...
  3. For any TotalSuite plugin, you will find the template in {plugin directory}/languages/template.pot
  4. Poedit will ask you for the language you are translating to

You will see the list of sentences that need to be translated. You just need to enter the translation of each sentence in the specified field.

Translation notes

Some codes/words within some sentences should not be translated nor removed. They should be copied into your translation of the sentence.

1. special representations like %s
2. Words in between curly brackets like {{label}}
3. any HTML code like <a target="_blank">, but if you see a text inside it like "Register" or "Login", then this have to be translated.

Some sentences has to be translated for both singular and plural, you will see the tabs in Poedit if the sentence requires that.

Submit translations

Once you are done with translation. Save the file. Poedit will give you a .po and .mo files once you save. We are interested in the po file only.

You just need then to send it to us through translate<at>totalsuite<dot>net

Need further help?

If you want to help us translating any TotalSuite product into a new language, please let us know, we’ll be happy to assist you and awarding you for such initiative.