TotalRating 1.0: WordPress Rating Widget Plugin

TotalRating 1.0: WordPress Rating Widget Plugin

We’re thrilled to announce the public release of TotalRating, a free rating widget plugin for WordPress. TotalRating brings simplicity and customizability to the table, with a solid set of features to help businesses collect, and convert ratings into valuable insights.

This new addition to the TotalSuite WordPress products family comes to empower its users and fulfill their needs while focusing on simplicity, security, and continuous improvement.

Quick tour#

Although TotalRating is simple and intuitive but, for completeness sake, let’s take a quick feature tour to show you different features and aspects.

Dashboard: A simple and streamlined experience to get started#

TotalRating dashboard
The dashboard of TotalRating

Once you install TotalRating in WordPress, you’ll land into the dashboard. This screen lets you create a rating widget from a predefined preset, see the activity feed, and visualize some insights.

Wizard: Create a WordPress rating widget within seconds#

TotalRating wizard
The wizard

TotalRating comes with a wizard to streamline the creation experience. You can pick a predefined preset, adjust a few settings, and voila! Your WordPress rating widget will be ready to use.

Widget Editor: Further configure your WordPress rating widget#

TotalRating editor
Rating widget editor

The widget editor enables you to fine-tune the settings with some advanced controls such as rating attributes, limitations, behaviors, and more.

Design Customizer: Shape up the rating widget to match your brand#

TotalRating design
Design customization in TotalRating

TotalRating offers some controls to make the widget match your brand and design style. You’ve also a preview of the widget on the right side so you can have a visual cue while adjusting the design settings.


TotalRating integrations
Available integrations

Your rating widget will be automatically integrated with the selected post types in settings. Also, you can integrate manually a widget through three methods: Shortcode, REST API, and PHP.

Ratings: Browse and analyze the collected ratings#

TotalRating ratings
Collected ratings

Through the browse tab, you can look into collected ratings with their respective details. Also, you can filter and export the ratings to different formats.

Options panel: Control global behavior and aspects#

TotalRating options
Options panel

There is an options panel to control different behaviors and functionality of TotalRating, such as privacy-related options and others.

Rating Widgets Samples: Five-star and satisfaction faces#

TotalRating five stars rating widget for WordPress
The famous, most used rating widget, a five-star WordPress rating widget
TotalRating satisfaction faces rating widget for WordPress
Satisfaction faces

Feedback needed (and appreciated)#

We want to shape up the upcoming versions of TotalRating based on users' feedback, and that’s why we’d like to invite you to leave your feedback and feature requests. TotalSuite products were and will always be for the community and by the community.

What features are you most excited about? Let us know @TotalSuite.


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Last updated on June 7, 2020