Rating Popup

Extension for TotalRating


Are you looking to add a rating popup? This add-on allows you to add a site-wide rating popup.

How to use

  1. Install and activate the extension from TotalRating> Extensions page.
  2. Create a rating widget.
  3. Click on the "popup" tab in the bottom navigation menu.
  4. Configure the popup by assigning a rating widget to the popup and tweak some settings.
  5. Open a page (that is covered by the popup trigger), and check the popup.


  1. There is a special shortcode and a PHP code to trigger the popup.
  2. Once the popup is closed, it won't appear again unless you change the assigned rating widget.


The popup in the frontend
Popup editor


Included with:
Pro & Business Subscription
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TotalRating 1.1.0