Powerful Poll Plugin for WordPress

TotalPoll is a WordPress poll plugin that makes poll creation a breeze with a plethora of features!

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User Friendly

Making polls shouldn't be rocket science!


Drag & Drop

With the support of drag & drop operations, you can easily construct any kind of polls with few clicks.


Optimized Interface

Elements were organized for you to make it super simple to create polls with minimum effort.


Poll Editor

Whether you launch a simple poll, image poll or other, the editor helps you get started in no time.

Optimized for Mobile

Your polls will always look good everywhere!


Responsive Design

Gain more engagement with an optimal viewing experience for your visitors whether in a laptop or a smartphone.


Touch Optimized

Assuring an best experience by implementing best practices in the industry.



Optimized experience across different known operating systems such Android, iOs and Windows Phone.

Essentials Built-in

Multiple built-in features for limitless possibilities.


Multiple Questions

You can create one or more questions per poll with infinite number of choices per question.


Different Choice Types

Whether your content is a text, image, video, audio or even plain HTML, TotalPoll gives you possibility to insert it easily.


Restrictions & Limitations

Control exactly who should be able to vote in your poll and how many times with timeout settings.

Optimized for Search Engines

Gain more organic search engine traffic with TotalPoll.



Assuring the visibility of your polls in your sitemap.xml by following WordPress standards.


Structured Data

Get more attention in search engines results thanks to the implementation of Structured Data.



TotalPoll is compatible with popular WordPress seo plugins such Yoast's, All-in-one SEO and others.

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Download TotalPoll now and keep your audience engaged.

Insightful Data

Collect and browse data the easy way!


Custom Fields

Collect even more information with 5 different types of custom fields.


Logs & Entries

Browse every request sent to TotalPoll through a simple interface.



Get a visual overview of your poll, thanks to insights graphs generated by TotalPoll.

Beautiful & Customizable Design

Make your polls look compelling and customize its design easily.



Customize every aspect of your poll design using the same WordPress customizer experience.


Live Preview

Get an instant preview of your poll design with the live preview feature.


Controllable Behaviours

Control any behaviour of your polls such AJAX, One-click vote and others easily through settings panel.

Secure & Reliable

TotalPoll is a plugin that you can rely on.



TotalPoll was made following WordPress security standards and the best practices in the field.


Actively Maintained

TotalPoll receives updates regularly to keep it stable and to give you a bug-free experience.



Designed to operate under different loads, TotalPoll can scale with WordPress seamlessly.

Developer Friendly

Built using the APIs you're already familiar with.



TotalPoll's extensible codebase lets you add custom functionality in no time thanks to WordPress' hooks system.



Explore polls data and interact with TotalPoll easily through WordPress REST API.



Extensive documentation about available actions and filters to streamline your development experience.

See TotalPoll in Action

Try all of TotalPoll features before purchasing it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions, we got answers!

is TotalPoll a self-hosted plugin?

Absolutely! All your data are under you control, and your control only.

What are minimum requirements to run TotalPoll?

You'll need WordPress 4.6 or later, PHP 5.5 or later and MySQL 5.6 or later.

What kind of polls can I run using TotalPoll?

Text-based polls, photo contests, video contests, audio contests and much more.

Can I use TotalPoll in other languages?

Yes of course, you could use TotalPoll with any language supported by WordPress.

Limitless Features

TotalPoll is ever evolving with 200+ features.

No Feature Limits

Use any feature freely, TotalPoll won't put any usage restrictions on its features, ever.


TotalPoll keeps your website light by loading Its compressed assets only when needed.

Regular Updates

Minor updates are pushed every two weeks to keep your experience stable and bug-free.

Revision History

Thank to WordPress revisions system you can rollback polls to any prior version without any hassle.

SSL Compatibility

Whether you're running under classic HTTP or HTTPS, TotalPoll is up for the mission.


Through a simple dashboard, get an instant overview of your polls.

Unlimited Questions

With TotalPoll you can create polls with one or more questions.

Parameterizable Question

Every question has customizable settings to give you more flexibility in control.

Customizable Question Content

Use WordPress editor to edit question content, you can insert text, image, video, audio and much more,

Unlimited Choices

Add as many choices as you want, TotalPoll won't put limits on that.


You can easily reorganize poll questions and choices with drag and drop support.

Expand & Collapse

With this helper function you could expand and collapse choice in one click.

Bulk insertion

Insert choices in bulk using a simple yet effective interface.

Shuffle choices

With this helper function you could easy shuffle choices in one click.

Random votes generator

Sometimes you need random vote for testing purpose. This helper function do the job for you!

Choice types filter

Filter choice types to show only what you need, this could save time when creating a poll with many choices.

Delete All / Reset All

This helper function allows you to delete all choices or reset vote counters in one click.

Drop File to Upload

To insert any media file, just drag and drop it in choices zone. TotalPoll will automatically upload them for you and insert choices accordingly.

Text Choice

This type of choices allows you to insert simple text as choice.

Image Choice

With this choice type, you can use or upload any image as choice.

Video Choice

This choice type allows you to insert a video as choice.

Audio Choice

With this choice type, you can use or upload any audio as choice.

HTML Choice

For even more flexibility, TotalPoll allows you to insert raw HTML as choice.

Auto Embed Generator

TotalPoll can detect links from different platforms such Youtube, SoundCloud and others and generate the embed code and extract thumbnail image, automatically.

Choice Visiblitiy

Control choice visibility with a simple toggle button.

Votes Override

Overriding choice votes is possible in TotalPoll but it's irreversible.

Max/Min Selection

Control how many choices should be selected for each question.

Custom Fields
Field Name

Field name could be used to differentiate between other fields in entries table and exported dataset.

Field Label

The field label will be used in generated form as well as in entries table.

Default Value

You can set a default value for any custom field to make your form more easy to fill.


Every field could have a set of validation rules to pass before database insertion step. Available rules: Required, Email, Unique (Checking for value uniqueness in database), Filter by list and Regular Expression.

Text Field

This custom field type allows you to collect text entries such first name.

Textarea Field

Textarea field extends base text field with support for multiple line entries such address.

Select Field

This custom field allows the vote to choose an item from a list of predefined values. Useful for collecting country for example.

Radiobox Field

Radiobox custom field type is much like select field with different appearance, useful for lists with few items such yes / no.

Checkbox Field

An extension of radiobox with support of multiple selection.

Fields Preset

TotalPoll comes with a preset that covers frequently used fields such first name, last name, email, phone, gender, country and other.

Customized Field Template

You can tweak field rendered HTML to make it more compatible with your theme (compatible with Bootstrap markup for example).

Bulk insertion

Easily insert multiple custom fields at once using bulk insertion mode.


Reorganize custom fields easily with drag and drop support.

Familiar Editing Experience

If you used WordPress customizer, you'll find yourself a master of design customizer.

Template Switcher

Switch from a template back and forth using a templates list.

Layout Control

Easily control the layout of your polls such choices per row, questions per row and maximum width.

Typography Control

Every aspect of typography is controllable through a simple set of controls.

Colors Control

Customize colors to match your brand and design using a set of controls.

Behaviours Control

Control every behaviour of your poll using simple interface.

Effects Control

TotalPoll allows you to type and duration of transition between pages.

Custom CSS

Having extra flexibility over CSS is always useful, TotalPoll allows you to inject your CSS quite easily.

Poll Settings
Time Period Limitation

Limit the period of your poll easily by defining start and end date of the poll.

Membership Limitation

With this limitation you can allow vote only to a certain roles in your website.

Quota Limitation

Sometimes you need a certain amount of votes and close poll once fulfilled. This limitation do the trick for you.

Region Limitation (IP Based)

For more credibility, you can use this limitation to restrict voting to a certain regions based on IPs blocks.

Vote Frequency

Control how many votes a user can cast during a timespan using three different layers: Cookies, IP and Authenticated User.

Choice Sorting

Tweak how choices should be ordered using 4 different criteria: Position, Votes, Label and Random.

Results Sorting

Decide how results should be ordered using 4 different criteria: Position, Votes, Label and Random.

Results visibility

Control results visibility with 3 different options: Show for all, Show for voters, Hide for All. Also, you can show results conditionally when time period limitation or quota limitation is enabled.

Votes Format

Tweak how votes should appear in results with 5 variables to choose from.

Custom Content

TotalPoll allows you to add custom content in several places including: before vote, above & below vote form, after vote, above & below results

Captcha (reCaptcha)

Increase your poll's credibility by preventing them using Google's anti-bot solution known as reCaptcha.

Social Media Sharing

TotalPoll integrates seamlessly with major social media networks such Facebook and Twitter and allows you to add share icons under your poll easily.


Easily customize the title and description meta tags from poll settings as well as structured data control.


Setup a notification for different poll events and delivery channels such Email, Push notification, and WebHook.

Direct Link (Permalink)

Easily get a direct link to your poll without creating any extra page or post for it (Unless It's intended).


You can integrate any poll everywhere thank to one of the most known features of WordPress, shortcodes.

Results Shortcode

TotalPoll allows you to display poll results separately with a special shortcode.


Adding a poll to your sidebar has never been that easy with page builder support such Visual Composer and SiteOrigin Builder.


Embed your poll externally using a simple yet effective embed code.


For more advanced integration, REST API could be used to facilitate the job.

RTL Support

TotalPoll comes with full RTL (Right to Left) support for middle-east countries.

Built-in Translator

Translate your poll to multiple languages through a simple yet powerful interface.


You can use TotalPoll with popular multilingual plugins in WordPress seamlessingly.

WordPress Developers

Extending TotalPoll functionality is easy thanks to actions and filters implemented all around.


Bootstrap your project with ready-to-use boilerplates and samples.


Extensive documentation about available actions and filters to streamline your development experience.

WordPress Professionals
White Label

Match your brand guidelines without any reference to TotalPoll brand.


TotalPoll uses your resources to store information, It's your server, It's your data.

Simple Pricing

TotalPoll pricing model is simple and comes without any surprises.


Do even more with ready to use extensions made by TotalSuite vendors.


Get fancy designs and skins to make your polls look compelling and engageable.


Get a more personalized experience with fine crafted WordPress themes tailored especially for polls.

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