What's new in recent versions.

    Version 4.0.8
  • FIX Fix a bug where PHP throws "Operand type is not supported".
  • FIX Fix a bug where "Welcome" page conflicts with "question by question" behaviour.
  • Fix UI issues with WordPress 5.3+.
  • Fix migration issues from WP-Polls and YOP.
  • Change date fields format to WordPress default format.
  • ADD Improve logs page by adding "Open" button to visualize log details.
    Version 4.0.7
  • Fix migration issue in WP 5.0+.
  • Change date in log browser to UTC (local time when hovering on it).
  • ADD Improve German translation.
  • FIX Fix a bug in Chinese translation where slug isn't working as expected.
  • FIX Fix a bug where TotalSuite backend latency can affect website speed.
    Version 4.0.6
  • ADD Improved webhook implementation.
  • FIX Fix a bug in assets registration.
  • FIX Fix a bug in 'Scroll to top' behavior.
  • ADD Improve compatibility with ACF.
  • FIX Fix a bug in timezone calculation.
  • FIX Fix a bug in notification template.
  • ADD Improved checkbox and radiobox fields implementation.
  • FIX Fix a bug where results visibility is not being honored for absence of restrictions.
    Version 4.0.5
  • ADD Improved poll clean up process.
  • NEW New polls repository methods.
  • Fix migration issues of third party plugins.
  • ADD Improved troubleshooter fixes.
    Version 4.0.4
  • FIX Fix a bug in TotalPoll menu.
  • FIX Fix a bug in social sharing feature.
  • ADD Improved migration from TotalPoll 3.x.
  • Fix some labels.
    Version 4.0.3
  • NEW New Turkish translation (Thanks Adnan!).
  • NEW New hooks.
  • NEW New unique poll ID extension.
  • NEW New social media sign-in extension.
  • ADD Improved compatibility with WordPress 5.1.
  • ADD Improved implementation of Google reCapatcha.
  • ADD Improved translations.
  • ADD Improved frontend behaviors.
  • FIX Fix a bug where incorrect URL appears when sharing to Facebook.
  • FIX Fix some bugs in Basic template.
  • FIX Fix a bug in extensions manager.
    Version 4.0.2
  • NEW New troubleshooter extension.
  • ADD Improved modules management.
  • ADD Improved database migration.
  • FIX Fix a bug in updates mechanism.
  • FIX Fix some bugs in Basic template.
  • FIX Fix a bug in reCaptcha invisible.
  • NEW New hooks (filters).
  • Minimum required version of PHP bumped to 5.5 instead of 5.4.
  • Minimum required version of WordPress bumped to 4.6 instead of 4.0.
    Version 4.0.1
  • NEW New hooks (filters).
  • ADD Improved CSS scoping of templates.
  • FIX Fix a bug where diacritical characters are not handled correctly. (Thanks Dominik!)
  • FIX Fix a bug in Structured Data implementation.
  • FIX Fix a bug in Basic template where choices are oversized.
  • FIX Fix a bug in options page where some options aren't saved correctly.
  • FIX Fix a bug when migrating from TotalPoll 3.x.
    Version 4.0.0
  • NEW New questions mechanism.
  • ADD Improved interface.
  • ADD Improved template engine.
  • NEW New extensions system.
  • NEW New live preview.
  • NEW New design settings.
  • ADD Improved compatibility with other plugins.
  • ADD Improved touch support.
  • NEW New integrations: REST API, Embed and Email
  • NEW New translation mechanism.