Social Media Authentication

Extension for TotalPoll


Add credibility to your polls and streamline the voting process by allowing voters to use their social media account to cast a vote. Currently, the supported social media platforms are:

  • Facebook


Social Media Login


Social Media connected

How to use

  1. Install and activate the extension from TotalPoll > Extensions page.
  2. Create a Facebook Application through Facebook Developers Console.
  3. Enable the Facebook Login feature in your application.
  4. Copy and paste your App ID and secret into TotalPoll > Options > Social Media Auth tab.
  5. Under Vote > Limitations tab in poll's settings, check "Login with Facebook".


  1. Make sure to switch your Facebook Application to live mode before start accepting votes from the public.
  2. Currently, Facebook Login works only with HTTPS-enabled websites, make sure that your website is compliant.
Included with:
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TotalPoll 4.0.3