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Basics 5-star

A simple rating widget out of 5 stars.

Basics Satisfaction faces

faces rating to measure satisfaction of customers or users.

Basics Thumbs up / Thumbs down

A yay or nay style of rating widgets.

Advanced Mixed rating attributes

A rating widget with multiple attributes and symbols.

Advanced Multiple criteria

5-star rating for multiple criteria.

Advanced Comment required

A rating widget with a required comment field.

Advanced Popup

A rating widget in a popup

Behaviors Hidden results

Avg. rating hidden Hidden avg. rating to reduce the influence of other ratings.

Behaviors Change/revoke rating

A rating widget with the ability to change or revoke a rating.

Behaviors 2-step rating

A widget with a button to avoid accidental clicks.

Behaviors Authenticated users only

A member-only rating widget.

Customization 10-star

10-star rating widget.

Customization Custom images (symbols)

Customized rating widget with animated symbols.

Customization Tooltip

Tooltips A rating widget with tooltips.

Customization Custom colors and shapes

A rating widget with customized design aspects.

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