• Update language files



  • Fix a bug where customizing interface texts is not applied as expected.



  • Improve the performance of loading surveys.

  • Adding support for translating the survey editor.

  • Fix a bug in limitation per IP where the "Submissions per IP address" setting was ineffective.



  • Update the user interface for more simplicity and flexibility.

  • Fix sharing entry via WhatsApp.

  • Add new capabilities (editing and viewing others' surveys).



  • Fix a bug in skip logic.

  • Fix a bug in scoring logic.



  • Improve question re-ordering feature to allow greater and easier control for long surveys.

  • Add an option to stack question choices horizontally or vertically.

  • Update the redirect workflow to support redirection to the entry.

  • Improve the submit button user experience to avoid double submissions and provide clear user feedback.



  • Add the ability to import/export surveys.

  • Update the interface to honor the user's capabilities.

  • Improved scoring & grading: now you can craft a custom message for each grade using the blocks-based editor.

  • Update the underlying framework to the latest version.

  • Add the ability to redirect the user based on the answers (Workflow extension).

  • Fix a bug where multi-line paragraphs were not handled correctly.

  • Fix a bug where the text field on the sidebar wasn't applying changes as expected.

  • Fix a bug where the wipe data task wasn't triggered correctly.

  • Fix a bug where workflow conditions were not working as expected.



  • Fix a bug in the blocks' composition.



  • Reports: Now, administrators can set up and receive via email a recurring or an instant report (daily, weekly and monthly) of their surveys.

  • Translations editor: Now, you can translate your survey into multiple languages without the need to use a third-party plugin.

  • Placeholders: Now, you can use fields' values inside other blocks (such as paragraphs, or the question label) to offer a more customized survey experience.

  • Redirection: Now, you can redirect users to a specific URL after the submission of their entry.

  • Limitations: For simplicity, limitations were grouped under one extension called "Limitations pack".

  • View/print entry: Now, users are able to visualize their entry, share it, and print it via a dedicated entry page.

  • Improvement: You can now duplicate a section (Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl/Command + V).

  • Fix a bug where date validation fails when used with other validation rules.

  • Update the underlying framework to the latest TotalSurvey.



  • Fix a bug in the insights aggregation process.

  • Improve the display of ratings in the insights section (Thanks Martin!).

  • Add ability to include obsolete entries in insights.

  • Update the list of translatable expressions.

  • Update translations.



  • Fix a bug where customizing the "Thank you" message causes a fatal error.

  • Fix a bug where conditions weren't working as expected.

  • Add the possibility to set the time when enabling the date limitation option.



  • Fix a bug in the product activation mechanism.

  • Fix a bug in the Insights add-on where insights weren't generated for some fields.

  • Fix a bug in request routing and permalinks handling mechanism.

  • Improvements in RTL support.

  • Add new expressions to the translation panel.



  • New feature: content blocks (paragraph, title, image, embed, etc...).

  • Restructuring internals and improve code quality.

  • Update foundation framework to the latest TotalSurvey.

  • Update the activation panel to reflect the installation of the add-ons.

  • Experimental: RTL support.

  • Introduce new actions and filters.

  • Improve survey editing experience.

  • Fix a bug where URLs throw 404 errors.



  • Add product activation.

  • Add duplicate survey functionality.

  • Introduce a new add-on: Scoring and grading.

  • Introduce a new add-on: Entry limitation (Via cookies, IP, and membership).

  • Update foundation framework.



  • Fix onboarding texts and visuals.

  • Add validation errors to the expressions panel.

  • Fix minor bugs in validation rules.



  • Onboarding: The brand-new onboarding experience to get you familiarized with TotalSurvey.

  • Introduce a new add-on: Workflow builder.

  • Introduce a new add-on: Survey Insights.

  • Introduce a Gutenberg block for easy integration.

  • Introduce a widget for easy integration with page builders such as Elementor, SiteOrigin, WPBakery Composer, and others.

  • Improve frontend behaviors such as scrolling behavior.

  • Improve compatibility with optimization and cache plugins.

  • Reduce HTTP requests by embedding the style with the HTML.

  • Fix a UI glitch when the menu is large.

  • Adding to ability to have line breaks in questions.

  • New translations: French, Arabic



  • Introduce the presets manager.

  • Improve frontend user experience.

  • Improve stability.

  • New hooks added.

  • Introduce a new add-on: Fields pack.

  • Introduce a new add-on: Date Limitation.

  • Introduce a new add-on: Popup.



  • First release.